RadarView360 is Growing Fast

RadarView360’s innovation is one of the fastest growing in SaaS industry, because we are aiming to solve one of the biggest industry challenge of the day!

About RadarView360

Innovation, sustainable and reliable - service from the heart!

In 2017, RadarView360 was founded with the future of the field service industry in mind. Our founders began in the mobile space with basic location tracking, the solution that allows a business to track field employee on maps with report statistical data. They soon recognized that providing location tracking only addressed a small segment of the needs for customers. There were great inefficiencies due to the paper and white board systems that were in place as the primary method for dispatch, scheduling, sale orders and invoicing.

The answer was to create an all-in-one platform that included scheduling and reporting through automated with live communication between the field, the back office and the end customer. We determined that such as system could increase the revenue for our customers by providing quality service the always had in mind to deliver to their customers. We aimed to look for opportunities, optimizing operations and service calls, improving productivity, and ultimately improving both customer and employee satisfaction. This is how we serve our customers, and aim for our clients to serve their customers.

RadarView360 is a Platform

RadarView360 is a field service platform, which is integrateable. Our customers have the benefit of integrating our technology into their existing systems, without having to disrupt their ERP, CRM and/or accounting systems. We understand that no two businesses are exactly alike. Rather than deliver an out-of-the box solution that limits options, through connectors, RadarView360’s APIs can communicate with other Web-based or local hosted products, enabling transfer of data in both directions and automating the service chain.

The flexibility we provide empowers our customers with the ability to match current business processes and automate gathering of information from the field to the back office and to end customer. This automation increases productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue for our customers, taking the service experience to the next level – a vital step to grow your business.

RadarView360 is made for Mobile

RadarView360 is the field service management solution that was originally created to be a mobile application. We push for innovation so we can stay ahead of our customer needs. Our platform is solid and we test and re-test each update before we launch updates to our customers.

RadarView360’s Focus

Our story starts with serving our clients so that they can serve their clients the way the always imagined. To do that, we give them all the eyes and ears to the core teams responsible for that. It’s important that you know that RadarView360 was founded on principles to provide the best technology and experience for our clients. Unlike other field service management companies, we’re more than a jsut a tracking platform for covering our customer needs. We want your field service business to be healthy and continue to grow. Our focus is to:

  • Provide the best technology in keeping with the demands of today’s field service companies
  • Pursue the understanding of each individual business, so we can deliver the solution that’s needed in a timely manner
  • Keep pushing forward, always improving our offerings for more innovation, more flexibility and a more integrations to ensure your business can grow from where you are; building off of the foundation you’ve already created. This saves you time, money and frustration
  • Use our technology to make a positive impact to the community –
    • Reducing paper use
    • Reducing emissions through facilitating efficient vehicle schedules
    • Improving safety for drivers and the public through reducing distractions behind the wheel