After-Sale Service Team

Automate everything, Delivery, Installation and Repair & Maintainance, from work order to invoice.


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Complete Solution for After-Sale Service Staff on the field

Our after-sale Service variant is designed to empower you so that you face no hurdle in delivering quality service to your customers. This version has all what it takes to manage your field force serving your customers. Through monitoring time, jobs, distance and feedback, build your after-sale services, as you always have dreamed of. This is by far the best After-Sale Service Team Solution available.

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Every activity of your field staff is on finger tips

With one tap, your field staff has all the information they need to complete the job. To support your field operations we offer:

  • Real-time location tracking with travel history
  • Complete record of Travel time, Waiting time & Working time(s)
  • 3-way communication, Service Staff - Manager - Customer
  • Job based visits to each Customer
  • Customizable Job Completion Report
  • Powerful reporting based on all data points
  • Integrable with your CRM

Better Job Performance and Visibility

RadarView360's work order management is completely digital and integrates with the existing ERP, CRM, and accounting systems you use today. The result is real-time visibility and accurate data, helping your business to effectively across the entire enterprise to become more efficient - and grow!

"If [your sales team is] experiencing a roadblock, you have to respond to that. Focus on helping your teams refine their processes so they can provide better, faster services to your customers.”

Corrine Cordon
President, Capella Mortgage

Operations Benefits

  • Provide field staff with complete customer, asset, item, and location information
  • Increase the average number of jobs completed per day
  • Improve your first-time fix rates

Executive Benefits

  • Collect on completed jobs faster and streamline the work order process
  • Maintain data integrity across the organization by digitizing work orders and integrating with existing ERP, CRM, and accounting systems