Control your Product Delivery Team

RadarView360 enables your business to tracking, management & ensure timely delivery of product to your valued customers.


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Complete Solution for you product delivery team

RadarView360 gives you control over your delivery system, so that you would know all the reasons for delayed deliveries to your valued customers with our deep data insights. Our user friendly app is designed for each of your individual delivery person, customizable. It excludes all the paper and manual work making them part of a whole automated system.

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Engage your customer, Keep them informed about thier deliveries

RadarView360 offers three way tracking, you are ensuring that your product will be delivered in time, and your customer knowes it too. Engage and keep informed your customer through our customer app and let them know thier deliveries are on time.

“I think most organizations have an idea of the areas where they could stand to make the engagement process better, faster, easier with their clients…So think through where you want to make the improvement. Then, prioritize those needs.”

George Gallegos
CEO, Jitterbit

Operations Benefits

  • Schedule preventative maintenance for assets
  • Schedule jobs according to asset availability
  • Recognize upsell opportunities in the field
  • Provide mobile access to PDFs for schematics, manuals and other equipment-related information
  • Accurately document issues, repairs and the state of the equipment using photos and videos
  • Up to 56% faster processing time for warranty claims

Executive Benefits

  • Recoup capital outlay through higher asset uptime
  • Reduce payback period through upsell opportunities
  • Forecast equipment replacement
  • Benefit from all asset data in one centralized location
  • Expedite asset revenue generation by maximizing uptime
  • Up to 5.5% Improvement year-over-year warranty-related repair/return costs