Manage your Fleet Seemlessly

Manage your vehicles seemlessly, with integrated ELD & Driver Application. It's not just tracking, its complete Fleet Management Solution.


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Get your eyes on the road!

RdarView360 is a complete solution for your fleet management. Using best grade ELDs, It offers complete automated solution to track your fleets round the clock in real-time. Equiped with all advanced features that you require to manage your fleets, RadarView360 is as simple as a snap.

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Easy to Set Up - Elegant in Design

Customer Portal can be set up in minutes and requires no prior technical knowledge to modify. Simply upload your company logo or banner, set request questions, and specify footer links and you are ready to start accepting new business.

  • Live tracking with routes & time tracking
  • High availability, redundancy & scalabiliy
  • Live tracking with routes & time tracking
  • Anywhere map, any GPS device compatible
  • Reporting for each data point, including Fuel Consumption, Distance, Time & Jobs.
  • Powerful reporting based on all data points
  • Integrable with your CRM


Tracking, Data & Analytics, Round the Clock!

What sets Customer Portal apart is the ability to accept new work anytime, with the click of a button. Even if it is outside of business hours, you will have an organized list of requests ready to schedule to your team in the morning.

"Be honest and transparent in what you are doing. Have pride in your work and your staff.”

William DeRousse
Retired Fleet Maintenance Superintendent, City of Everett & Everett Transit, Wash.

Operations Benefits

  • Accept new work orders 24/7 without the need for additional staff
  • Give customers the ability to check the status of their jobs at any time

Executive Benefits

  • Grow your customer base without the need to grow backoffice staff
  • Improve customer satisfaction by giving them a modern way to interact with your business

IT Benefits

  • Customer Portal requires no IT involvement to setup
  • Customer requests go directly into the RadarView360 system