Field Service Sales Force Manager

State-of-art sales force manager with real-time location tracking & job management.


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Mobility is key to successful Sales Team

RadarView360 offers real-time tracking for your sales force working in the field. It gives you eyes & ears over the field, with e all essential modules to coordinate with team and customers. Our unique combination of rich mobile features app built over a user-friendly interface means that RadarView360 customers see increase in business productivity & reduction in costs. Our mobile apps are native and offline enabled, meaning data is always available.

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Get the Job Done Right - On the First visit

Distance & Time are two major KPIs for a field force. With RadarView360, you can easily track activities of your field staff throughout the day with our easy job manager. You can add jobs for each employee to schedule his/her day or our intelligent system will do the job for you. Our smart job management goives you power & control oveer your sales force to get the maximum output with minimum rescources.

Data is converted into useful Reports & Analytics

RadarView360 offers brilliant reporting with our advanced reporting module. Use all location, time & jobs data to bring lean to your business. All the data you are collecting with RadarView360 is converting to intelligent reports & analysis, resulting in highlighting on areas your teams and/or individual players are struggling.

"Salespeople spend hours every week on back-and-forth communication around calendaring. The most productive salespeople are now using tech to automate that entire process and make it a one-click-and-done situation.”

Trish Bertuzzi
Author, The Sales Development Playbook

Operations Benefits

  • Eliminate the need for timely status checks to the field
  • Customer, asset and job data are accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Field staff can be fully trained in as little as two hours

Executive Benefits

  • Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) by eliminating paperwork and reentry of data
  • Monitor service metrics to repair revenue leakage
  • Reduce customer churn by 22% by arming your field staff with customer data

IT Benefits

  • User onboarding is as simple as downloading the app and logging in
  • Native application works offline - where no data connection is available